Özge Özder broke new ground in television history with her TV series "Sadakatsiz"!
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25 March 2023 23:46


Özge Özder broke new ground in television history with her TV series “Sadakatsiz”!

Famous actress Özge Özder acts an influential side character in the TV series “Sadakatsiz”, which is broadcast on Wednesday evenings on Kanal D. The actress, who gave life to the character of Derya, who is Asya’s friend, made a very interesting decision in 2021.

The actress was pregnant during the filming process and gave birth to her daughter Luna in February 2021. However, Özge Özder gave birth 2 days later while she was on the set in the same week. In other words, she surprised everyone as a name who worked on the set until 3 days before birth.

Özge Özder, who broke new ground in the history of Turkish television series, returned to the set 3 weeks after giving birth, again surprising everyone.

The famous actress returned to those days in the program where she hosted Özge Yağız on her youtube channel and said the following words:

“It was a very extreme drama for me. You know, I was completely pregnant in the first season. Then I gave birth. So I was on set on Tuesday, I gave birth on Thursday. I went back to my set 3 weeks later. It was something extreme. I don’t think there is such a thing in the history of television.”

Explaining that she milked for her daughter while on the set and sent her husband and daughter to Luna at home, Özge Özder did not want to take risks by carrying her daughter to the set due to the pandemic.

Explaining that the fans of the Sadakatsiz TV series are very loyal, the actress also stated that they immediately reacted. Explaining that she received many questions on social media from the clothes she wore in the series to what will happen in the upcoming episodes, Özge Özder is also very pleased that the audience is so interested.

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