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12 August 2022 12:08


What you don’t know about the ingenuity on every finger of Özge Özder, Derya of Sadakatsiz

Famous actress Özge Özder explained the questions from her fans about herself on her youtube channel. One of these questions was the issues that are known wrongly or not very well known about her.

Özge Özder, who played the character of Derya in the TV series Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful), which was broadcast on Kanal D for two seasons, answered this question sincerely. With the answers she gave, the actress also expressed that she was not satisfied with the comments made about her.

Özge Özder, “Sometimes exaggerated things are written. To make the news bigger. Sensational stuff is being written. I’m not a person who makes such extreme sentences,” she said.

The actress stated that in the news written about her, funny information was given about her height. The actress also drew attention to the fact that there are exaggerated news about the summer difference between her husband Sinan Güleryüz.

She said that some people commented that she was short about her height and that she thought she came from modeling, and that these were confusions.

Expressing that acting is her main profession and that she is a theater background, Özge Özder stated that many people do not know that she is a dubbing artist. Stating that they did not know that many people took part in theater plays, the actress stated that she also took the stage in big festivals abroad.

“Actually, they may not know that I am a dubbing artist whose voice you hear a lot in commercials,” the actress said.

Özge Özder is a name that gives voice to many important advertisements, but this subject is one of the lesser known ones by her followers.

Explaining that she gives drama lessons with children and that this subject is not well known, the actress explained that she also carried out educational activities as a drama teacher for years.

Özge Özder, who exhibited her writings and poems on the website she founded under her own name, and another talent with prose, added that she won awards with these articles.

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