Citizen shouts 'killer', Onur Durmaz turns and looks!
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29 March 2023 19:09


Citizen shouts ‘killer’, Onur Durmaz turns and looks!

Onur Durmaz, who came to the fore with the character of Engin in the series Yargı, successfully portrayed one of the most talked about characters of the last period. Explaining that he received very good reactions from the citizens on the street, Onur Durmaz is also very pleased with the comments received on social media.

The actor said the following about the comments: “There were very good reactions. I’m not exaggerating, thousands of messages are coming. I can’t answer most of them. Acting a bad character can be a difficult thing sometimes. I had such prejudice. Certainly, the audience made the distinction very well. It’s so nice to wake up with beautiful messages every day.”

Explaining that the citizens shouted ‘murderer’ when they saw him on the street and he involuntarily turned to look at him, Onur Durmaz also stated that people said this with a laugh.

Explaining that he talks to 3-5 people about this issue every time he goes out, Onur Durmaz said, “I love hearing people’s comments firsthand. Everyone is telling their own theories, there are incredible different theories,” he said.

Although Ceylin was imprisoned for allegedly killing Engin in the series Yargı, there is also a group of viewers who believe that Engin’s character is alive. Stating that he is waiting for the series with excitement and wondering what will happen in the new episodes like the audience, Onur Durmaz revealed a feeling of being disconnected from the series in his interview on tv100. Of course, the actor did not want to disturb this atmosphere, as the subject of Engin became a riddle in the Yargı series.

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