Tansel Öngel reproached those who criticize Maske Kimsin Sen!
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25 March 2023 23:12


Tansel Öngel reproached those who criticize Maske Kimsin Sen!

Tansel Öngel is presenting the competition program “Maske Kimsin Sen”, which started with the first day of the year on Fox TV. Tansel Öngel, who portrayed the character of Naci, gave a very successful performance and became a popular name with the effect of the high ratings of the series.

Tansel Öngel both continues the series and hosts the game show. 4 episodes of Maske Kimsin Sen have been published and the criticisms made on social media have been talked about for a while. It was claimed that the mask costumes used in the program carried the symbols of satanism. Many people expressed their dissatisfaction with the program on social media. In addition, the Radio and Television Supreme Council launched an investigation.

So, what does Tansel Öngel say about all this? The actor said, “What a reaction, it’s pretty good fun.” Explaining that he liked the program, the actor said that there can be people who like a job or not.

Talking about the production for the program, Tansel Öngel said: “A strange organization is being held there. It is broadcast in over 25 countries. In fact, let’s invite you one day, come to our set. Competitors are taken from the back door, we are taken from the front door. We all have protection on our heads.”

Tansel Öngel, explaining that he last got permission to go to the toilet at school, said, “Think, that’s all.” The actor wanted to draw attention to the size of the production.

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