Hilal Altınbilek's big problem that she could not solve throughout her life!
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29 September 2022 12:03


Hilal Altınbilek’s big problem that she could not solve throughout her life!

Famous actress Hilal Altinbilek said that she could not live the moment and constantly felt under stress. The famous actress answered the questions of her fans on the YouTube account of Once upon a Time Çukurova series.

“What would you like to change?” Hilal Altınbilek, who answers the question, is very desire to change the state of being anxious and stressed with her discomfort.

The actress said, “I can’t live a lot of moments. I can’t feel very peaceful, I don’t feel too much. I’m under stress all the time. I would like to find out where this originated. I would like to be a happy child, a happy person. I still couldn’t find what the source of this was. I would like to change it.”

“Would you like to live in the 1970s?” Answering the question in the form of Hilal Altınbilek, he stated that he had been living for 2 years already.

The actress said, “I am already alive. Only emotions are much purer, cleaner. Love is much more innocent.”

She stated that people were more natural at that time and did not travel with false identities like today.

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