In the Mahkum series, the original story is over, the audience is officially split in two!
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2 December 2022 22:11


In the Mahkum series, the original story is over, the audience is officially split in two!

Continuing to come to the screen with the second season of Fox TV, Mahkum (Prisoner) has divided the audience into two! The series, which started airing last season, is adapted from the South Korean series Innocent Defendant. The rapid release of the series in the first season and its very popular story turned into a completely different shape in the second season!

The reason for this is that the series originally lasted 18 episodes. In the first season of the Mahkum series, 18 episodes of the original story were used! This situation even caused criticism from some viewers while the series was continuing.

The events that would continue after the story was quickly wasted and finished had to be reconstructed. In the second season of the series, a brand new story came back. The fact that the success of the first season could not be carried with the same excitement in the new season is reflected in the ratings.

Barış’s taking the events to a very different place by establishing an underground criminal army, and Fırat’s struggle to bring down this gang, receives positive response from some viewers and criticism from others! Mahkum series started the season with discussions!

The performances of Onur Tuna and İsmail Hacıoğlu in the series broadcast on Fox TV are also appreciated by everyone. But the problem is not the actors or the acting! The course of the story does not make some viewers happy!

However, it is possible to see in the comments that the renewed story of the Mahkum, who transforms in the new season, will be accepted in time!

Because many viewers continue to watch the series with acting, even if they are not satisfied with some of the characters and the course of the story. Others are excitedly waiting for the new week and are very pleased with the renewed story.

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