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6 July 2022 19:43


In the new season of the TV series Sadakatsiz, the change in Asya drew attention!

The second season of the “Sadakatsiz” series, which appeared as one of the most ambitious productions of Kanal D last season, was eagerly awaited by the audience. In fact, the postponement of the broadcast date of the first announced new season episode to the next week angered the audience.

The longing has come to an end, and the 2nd season of “Sadakatsiz”, starring Cansu Dere, Melis Sezen and Caner Cindoruk, met with the audience last night. In the series, it was seen that the story between Asya, Volkan and Derin continued with some innovations from where it left off.

In the first episode of the new season, Asya started a new life in Istanbul with her son Ali and Nil after her accident with Derin. Asya, who started working as a doctor in the emergency room, is very happy in her new life. Volkan, on the other hand, stayed in Tekirdağ with Derin, who was wheelchair-bound after the accident. After a while, Asya’s life will take on a completely different dimension with an event she went to the wedding of Bahar and Melih and a truth that her son Ali was hiding.

The talented actor Berkay Ateş, who has just joined the cast of ‘Sadakatsiz’, plays the character named ‘Aras’ in the series. Aras and Asya encounter the accident for the first time. Asya saves Aras’s life by performing CPR. After this first encounter, signals are given that there will be big changes in the lives of Aras and Asya.

In the new episode, the changes in the “Asya” character’s perspective on life come to the fore with lines. So what did the audience think of these changes? In the post shared from Med Yapım’s instagram account, an answer was sought to the question “How did you find the change in Asya after the accident?”

Many different comments came from the followers under the photo. Some of the comments are: ‘I’m not watching this season, Asya’s same movements, Deri’s constant plotting around Asya is boring’, ‘Asya has always been good’, ‘I stopped watching!’, ‘Asya is good but we’re tired of Derin!’, ‘Ratings it will be empty!’”

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