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4 July 2022 05:58


In the series, actors are afraid to go on the set

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we experience a period when some of the series actors do not want to go on the set. Some of the actors went on the set and continue their work. However, there are some players who are cautious about getting on the set. For example, while the shooting of the Temt Me Love series continued, there were news that Şebnem Bozoklu did not want to go to the set because of the coronavirus.

The actors of the Miracle Doctor series did not want to re-enter the hospital environment and stated that they found it more appropriate to start shooting in July or August. Reha Özcan and Özge Özder talked about the negative consequences of going to the set during the chat meeting on YouTube.

Fikret Kuşkan, the leading actor of the Ruthless City series, is said to be the one who does not want to take another set. Fikret Kuşkan did not want to take part in the set due to the pandemic. The contract of he, which is also said to meet with different projects, continues.

The last 4 episodes must be completed specifically for the Ruthless City series. These last 4 episodes are very important for the overseas sales of the Ruthless City series, which was built by Avşar Film.

The series receives very positive returns in terms of sales to foreign countries. Producer Şükrü Avşar also wants to complete the project.

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