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4 July 2022 03:47


In the series Son Yaz, new decisions come together after the breakups!

Son Yaz was among the series with one of the most eye-catching stories of the season we left behind. The finale of the series broadcast on Fox TV was very sad. The fact that Funda Eryiğit, who gave life to the character of Canan, would not be in the second season, made the fans of the series very upset. Not only Eryiğit, but many names in the story are absent in the new season.

Apart from Olgun Toker and Funda Eryiğit, who later joined the series; Emre Karayel, Şebnem Dönmez and Erdem Şanlı will also not be in the second season of the story. The fans of the series, who are surprised by these separation decisions, are also eagerly awaiting how the second season will go. It was also known that the screenwriters were working hard for a new era. The first details of the second season have also emerged.

Journalist Birsen Altuntaş presented some details about the new version of the scenario, which fans of Son Yaz series are eagerly waiting for. According to the backstage information, there will be a time jump in the Son Yaz series. Although this was already known. In addition, the first season of the series, which was shot in Çeşme, is now moving to Istanbul…

It has been revealed that there will be Rize scenes as well as this time jump in the Son Yaz series, in which Ali Atay, Alperen Duymaz and Hafsanur Sancaktutan will continue to take the lead roles. It is also among the information that a completely different world will be presented to the audience with a time jump of a few years.

How will the story continue in Istanbul and why will there be scenes in Rize? There are no answers to these questions yet. However, it was revealed that the family of Soner’s character, acted by Halil Babur, will also take a large part in the story in the second season.

This means that new names will join the series. Who is being interviewed for the new characters, are there any names that have been clarified, and there is no information on these issues yet.

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