In the TV series Ömer, Nisa and Gamze became the voices of helpless women!
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29 March 2023 15:56


In the TV series Ömer, Nisa and Gamze became the voices of helpless women!

The female solidarity of Gökçe Bahadır and Merve Dizdar in the TV series Ömer made the audience both sad and hopeful. The reflection of two women in desperation with their different problems on the screen became a hot topic on social media. When we look at the life story of the characters Nisa and Gamze, there are so many people in real life who look like these two female characters…

The story of the series has also come to an important point in terms of being the voice of women in desperation. The situation in which the character of Nisa, who is in the middle with her children and who cannot afford to pay the rent, falls into a situation where Gamze urgently wants to move into the house, hurts the hearts.

The most important reason why this scene was heartbreaking was that everyone who watched knew the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of women experiencing the same problems.

According to the loyal viewers of the series, this scene between Nisa and Gamze revealed very different emotions.

One viewer wrote: Two strong women who are desperate but struggling to stay afloat, you’re perfect. Gökçe Bahadır and Merve Dizdar are having a mutual acting recital. It was a perfect scene.”

Merve Dizdar’s performance as a woman abandoned by her husband with her 5 children in the story also deserves applause.

The actress has adapted to her role so well that while the audience on the screen envy her, she has to shed tears at the angles of the character Nisa.

In the scene that deeply affected the audience, Gamze’s support for Nisa was a strong one, even though it would cause her trouble to not impose rent payment from Nisa and to vacate the house.

Pointing to the importance of women’s solidarity, many TV series fans appreciated the solidarity that Gamze showed to Nisa and made comments stating that she had a great impact on them.

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