Series News In the Yasak Elma series, both the story and the cast have changed, and what will happen is revealed one by one!

In the Yasak Elma series, both the story and the cast have changed, and what will happen is revealed one by one!


Yasak Elma (The Forbidden Apple) series, which meets with the audience on Monday evenings on Fox TV, is known as a production that undergoes great changes at the beginning of each season and then makes its viewers accept its new story.

The Yasak Elma series has achieved very successful results for 5 seasons with the successful performances of the screenwriters of the series, the effectiveness of the cast and the audience preferring to watch an entertaining series on the screen.

After the fifth season finale of the series, there was no clear information about who will be in the cast, but over time, the stones fell into place. Except for Berk Oktay, who plays the leading role, all other important names will continue with the team in the sixth season.

It has become clear that Eda Ece, Şevval Sam, Murat Aygen and Biran Damla Yılmaz will also be in the sixth season of the series. Preliminary preparations for the new period, the story of which is very curious and which Eda Ece calls the ‘final season’, have been completed and the team has started shooting.

The Yasak Elma series is expected to meet with the audience very soon. The series, which made the season finale with its 146th episode, will return with its 147th episode. However, there will be important developments in the story.

First of all, with the time jump strategy used before in the Yasak Elma series, the hand of the screenwriters became stronger and the opportunity to change the story from top to bottom emerged. The 2-year time jump that will be experienced in the scenario of the series in the sixth season will bring innovations in the situation of many characters.

It was revealed that Bekir Aksoy and Ece Özdikici joined the team as the names joining the cast of the series. Bekir Aksoy will appear in front of the audience as Engin, the older sister of Handan, played by Şebnem Dönmez.

Ece Özdikici will play the role of lawyer Hilal, the lover of the character of Doğan, played by Murat Aygen. Both Bekir Aksoy and Ece Özdikici are highly experienced actors and will have a significant share in the success of the Yasak Elma series in the sixth season.

The most important innovations in the Yasak Elma series are the love of the imprisoned character Doğan with lawyer Hilal, and the inclusion of Handan’s brother Engin in the story.

It is a must for Doğan, who will be released from prison, to turn this job into a revenge story. There is an impression that the sixth final season of the Yasak Elma series will be a reflection of a revenge story.

Ece Özdikici will also make a strong entry into the series with the character of Hilal, which she will portray.

It is stated that Biran Damla Yılmaz will have a lover in the series, where she continues on her way with the character of Kumru.

Get ready for a season where Eda Ece and Şevval Sam will leave their mark on the screen with Yıldız and Ender characters.