[Irem Helvacioglu] was under the influence of the role
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2 December 2022 06:47


[Irem Helvacioglu] was under the influence of the role

[Irem Helvacioglu] latest news …

Actress, who acting in the Lifeline series, plays a woman who is exposed to violence.

A mother who is beaten and tortured for her child …

She needs to cry often because of the role.

Actress said: “I know that the woman I am playing has a hard psychology and I really know that people are living it. Even thinking about this situation is making me very shaken. Sometimes I can not get rid of it. It’s enough to know that they are alive. Our directors and team are really very helpful in this matter. They expect us to concentrate, they let us. The lines already written are so fluid and true; every player is living that moment. ”

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