Artists News It is impossible to see the leading actors of the TV series Sadakatsiz like this again!..

It is impossible to see the leading actors of the TV series Sadakatsiz like this again!..

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Starring Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk, Melis Sezen and Berkay Ateş, the TV series Sadakatsiz continues to connect the audience to the screen on Wednesday evenings.

The series is followed by a loyal audience, although it could not show the success of the first season in the ratings due to the troubles in its story.

The last episode of Sadakatsiz, which was published last week, was marked by the death of the character “Haluk Güçlü”, played by the master actor Burak Sergen.

The death of Haluk, who had a heart attack and died as a result of his fight with the character “Aras” played by Berkay Ateş, can be described as a touch to the scenario of the series, which has become monotonous and begins to lose its grip.

The death of Haluk Güçlü regenerated the seeds of hatred between Melis Sezen’s daughter “Derin” and Cansu Dere’s “Asya” character. Derin knew more about Asya, whom she accused of watching her father die.

When Derin’s divorced husband, Volkan, took the side of Güçlü family and Derin in order to benefit from Haluk Güçlü’s legacy, the front of Asya with Aras and Derin and Volkan was re-formed. The quartet is now engulfed in an irreversible circle of hatred.

When the situation is like this in the scenario, the photo of the quartet shared by Berkay Ateş on his Instagram account is as follows: ‘We can never see this quartet in the series like this anymore!” The kind that makes you say.

While the photo frame, in which the team looked extremely pleasant, received many likes and comments in a short time, a detail in Berkay Ateş’s sharing did not escape the attention of his followers.

While Berkay Ateş put a snake emoji in the photo, Melis Sezen asked why. Berkay Ateş replied to Sezen, “To remember today”.