Artists News Leyla Tanlar turns to the screen

Leyla Tanlar turns to the screen


Broken Pieces Leyla Tanlar, known for her TV set, joined Mehmed The Conqueror tv series…

Actress, who will take part in the TV series, will portray the character of Esleme.

The tv series will also give acting to Korkut character Mert Yazıcıoğlu.

Impossible love of Esleme and Korkut …

Blessing, which does not contain evil in it, is pure-hearted; Over time, she will get her heart over Korkut and disappear in the helplessness of love.

Korkut’s life will be hugged by the love of Esleme, and he will find himself in all kinds of difficulties for love. Two geniuses will lock the impossibility of the spectators to the screen.