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22 May 2022 11:25


Look at Bahar Şahin! She repeats what she did in the Zalim Istanbul series!

Bahar Şahin fans are very pleased with her new series, Gülümse Kaderine (Smile Your Destiny)… As the story of the series, the first 3 episodes of which were aired, unfolds, we observe a more devoted audience. It should be said that the social media support, which is expected to have a positive impact on the ratings of the series, has also increased rapidly and the series, which went up to the first place on the agenda of Turkey on Wednesday evenings, remained on the TT list for a long time.

This is an important indicator that shows that the audience likes the series. Bahar Şahin, on the other hand, made a very successful debut in the character of Eda when the comments of the audience are taken into account. The character of Ceren was very prominent in the Kanal D series Zalim Istanbul (Cruel Istanbul), which made its finale in June 2020. Bahar Şahin showed such a successful career debut in this drama series that her fans have been waiting for her new series for a long time.

The actress, whom we watch on Fox TV with Gülümse Kaderine, now adds new ones to her successes… Fans who say that Bahar Şahin did not portray the character of Eda, but that she lived that character, continue to keep the famous actress on the agenda on social media.

Bahar Şahin, who is observed to get along very well with Sude Zülal Güler, is also in the spotlight, as in the TV series Zalim İstanbul, and she does this by immersing herself in her role.

Fans, who stated that they saw the traces of Ceren character in Eda, think that the acting talent of the actress has also matured.

The following words from a series of fans show the success of Bahar Şahin: “My favorite character lately is the net Eda. Bahar Şahin plays wonderfully, it passes us so much…”

Let’s find out that the young actress is very good at overcoming tough roles, and is very successful in portraying characters who act carelessly and can do crazy things.

It is also among the news that Bahar Şahin communicated very well on the set with her partner in the series, Yalçın Hafızoğlu.

The poses of the duo reflected on social media are also of great interest from their fans. Bringing Bahar Şahin and Yalçın Hafızoğlu together is considered a successful decision.

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