Artists News Love for İpek Filiz Yazıcı is still far away!

Love for İpek Filiz Yazıcı is still far away!


İpek Filiz Yazıcı, who portrays the character of Işık in the Love 101 series, showed a remarkable performance. Yazıcı, who started acting with Babam ve Ailesi in 2016, was known for her role as Ceyda in Don’t Give Up My Hand.

The actress, starring in the series Love 101, was born on April 19, 2001. İpek Filiz Yazıcı, who stated that she did not experience many emotions since she was 19 years old, is also cautious about love …

Speaking to Based Istanbul magazine, Yazıcı explained that there was not enough experience to describe love. She said, “I can’t even guess what it will make me feel, because it is a mystery to me just yet. As far as I have observed, I can only say that everyone has revealed a different self.”

Stating that she can only make ideas when she is in love, the actress mentioned that she can be happy with little things.

Love, fear, curiosity, excitement … Explaining that all these emotions cause the heart to increase rapidly, the young actress said, “Every emotion and thought that life gives me creates my self.”