Artists News Magnificent tango performance from Birce Akalay

Magnificent tango performance from Birce Akalay

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Birce Akalay plays the character of İlay in the Babel broadcast on the Star TV screen on Friday evenings. The actress is the favorite of her fans with her performance and beauty… Birce Akalay also draws attention with her posts on social media.

The actress shared a video from her Instagram account. The images with a 2.5-minute tango performance were highly appreciated. Presenting a magnificent show with Selçuk Atalay, Birce Akalay also attracted great attention from her fans.

Indicating that she performed tango for the first time after a long interval, the player left the note, “Thanks to my champion coach Selçuk Atalay… He will continue”. Doğa Rutkay left a comment as “It is magnificent”. Upon his friend’s praise, Akalay replied, “Thank you, there are many more wonderful things, my Doğa.”

Many followers also complimented the famous actress, saying, “What a magnificent elegance”.

Here is Birce Akalay’s magnificent tango performance: