Series News Major events are expected with the last scene in the Yargı series

Major events are expected with the last scene in the Yargı series


The Yargı (Judgement) series has done it again! The screenwriter started to count the days for the new episode, leaving the audience in a very exciting place for another week! At the end of the 43rd episode, screenwriter Sema Ergenekon, one of the biggest contributors to the success of the series, followed a completely different story with an unexpected corner!

The issue of the well murders, which was expected to be enlightened since the beginning of the season, in the Yargı series broadcast on Kanal D screens on Sunday evenings, has been closed! It was understood two episodes ago that reporter Burak was the murderer.

His favorite situation in the Yargı series is that the events are resolved in a short time. While the storyline, which lasts for weeks, distracts and bores the audience from many TV series, the series Yargı brings its heroes into very different events with completely different developments and surprises by solving many events in a few episodes!

While the subject of the murder of Burak was closing with the agile moves of the screenwriter, at the end of the episode, he left the audience alone with a murder that left everyone wondering and perhaps changed the lives of Ilgaz and Ceylin altogether!

“What did they do to Serdar?” The question is confusing. Police found Serdar’s body in a dumpster with the notice of two children! It is a matter of curiosity what happened to Serdar, whose face was bruised, and what they did to him!

No one knows yet whether they killed Serdar and kept it hidden, or did they leave him and Yekta is preparing a bench to put the blame on them!

But it is understood that this issue will move the stones again in the Yargı series! Let’s see what surprises the 44th episode will present to the audience!