Series News Many actors left in ‘The Pit’ series

Many actors left in ‘The Pit’ series


‘The Pit’ series on Show TV has almost turned the screen into a blood lake with the season finale!

The Koçovali family, which has disappeared in a way that no one expects much, shocked the people on the screen!

All the Koçovali’s, except Yamaç and Vartolu, were murdered by a treacherous ambassador by an unknown person.

Celasun and Aksin’ın riding the guns of men, the house has been scanned! The men-woman who killed Sultan, Akşin, Celasun, Nedret, Meke, Muhittin, Karaca, Ayşe all held the bullets in a house where they also had İdris, Emmi and Pasha.

Selim also cut off his own wrists after he lived with his family and committed suicide.

Emrah shot Nazim, but he died because of the poison in the fruit juice he had drunk before killing him.

Medet was targeted at the bullets of those who kidnapped Saadet and he also died. Vartolu was wounded but was saved.

Meanwhile, Saadet was kidnapped, thought to have lived. Emrah took Sena once, but it is unknown where it is.

Therefore, it is thought that Yamaç-Vartolu-Saadet and Sena will also be in the new situation. The other characters no longer exist!

After the developments that the audience of the show stayed in astonishment, the hole became torn!

Only Yamaç and Vartolu were left! They found each other, returned to the neighborhood to get their revenge.

Now everyone is waiting with great curiosity who is the one who destroyed the Kochovali’s with massacre. Almost everyone is looking at the possibility that it is Cumali.

The season’s season finale was so striking and horrifying that audiences could not believe the reality of the events.

It was very interesting for social media to comment on the season finale.

– “We’re still in shock, part legend, I did not expect this much, he bought screenwriter man, the first time I’ve seen something like this in Turkey killed all the characters, it was knotted my throat”

While the watchers were standing on the subject of the massacre as the Gentleman, attention was drawn to a detail.

The new season is expected with great curiosity.

If the moments are watched in horror on the screen, the minds will stay for a long time.