Series News [Mehmed The Conqueror] very liked

[Mehmed The Conqueror] very liked


[Mehmed The Conqueror] latest news …

The new starter series was of great interest.

The first part was critically acclaimed and the second part was a great success.

[Kenan Imirzalioglu] has turned very strong on the screens after years.

Actor draws attention with his successful acting.

Actor, Sultan Mehmed played a very good role.

The series soon became a huge fan base.

Opinions of spectators on the series changed positively.

The introduction of chapter 3 of the series was enchanted by the audience.

What will happen in Chapter 3?

Sultan Mehmed Han is determined to conquer Constantine!

Melike is not pleased with Eleni, who is around Sultan Mehmed Han. She wonders for what purpose Eleni is.

The attempts of conquest, which failed 28 times, do not concern Sultan Mehmed at all.

He aims to achieve success in the 29th conquest test.

Time for hunting for Mehmed and Delibas. What purpose will their arrival reach in the face of difficult task?

It is being wondered how Sultan Mehmed, who started the preparations for the conquest, would take Constantine.

The third episode trailer is on the 15th in the trend videos list on YouTube….