A new series is starting; [Be A Miracle]
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29 March 2023 10:00


[Be A Miracle] a new series is starting

[Be A Miracle] latest news …

In Turkey, between the new series added a new one.

[Furkan Palali, Su Kutlu] is the lead actor in the series.

The first part of the series will be shown on Friday, April 6th.

The viewers are excited about the new series.

However, the series has important competitors.

There is a high probability of a rating issue.

There is an impressive aspect of the index that brings together two young actors.

Topic of series:

Growing up in the muddy streets of Çukurdere, Damla takes a life like a servant, not a adoption, beside Maksude who raised her. A day in the midst of misery and despair, a young lawyer named Yiğit plays her gates. Damla, who does not know who her real parents are, tells him that he is one of the richest of his country’s richest people, Azim Sancaktar, and wants to give her a new life. With the news he brings, he will fall in love with Damla, who will not open the doors of a different world filled with difficulties.

The followers are a bit worried about the broadcast date chosen for the series …

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