The joy of the team of [Woman]
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29 March 2023 11:07


The joy of the team of [Woman]

[Woman] series latest news …

Number of very successful in Turkey …

In Turkey, a very successful …

The series team, which impressed everybody with its story, celebrated the success at the dinner invitation.

The series team together ate and watched the new episode.

In the meal, there were producers, screenwriters, actors, and crew members.

The actors left happy from the funny invitation.

Actors who participated in the meal were:

[Ozge Ozpirincci, Caner Cindoruk, Bennu Yildirimlar, Ayca Erturan, Ece Ozdikici, Serif Erol, Seray Kaya, Feyyaz Duman, Kubra Suzgun, Ali Semi Sefil, Ahu Yagtu]

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