Artists News Mert Doğan is a talent worthy of the leading role in the TV series Adı Sevgi!

Mert Doğan is a talent worthy of the leading role in the TV series Adı Sevgi!


Mert Doğan, who has been involved in projects since 2013, was born in Adana in 1993. Despite his young age, the actor, who has attracted attention in important projects until now, took part in both TV series and movies.

We watched Mert Doğan, who increases his experience with every project, in small roles in TV series such as Arka Sokaklar, Söz, Vatanım Sensin, Gülperi, Tek Yürek. The actor, who attracted attention with the character of Sinan in the Çarpışma series, also made a strong impression as Mert in the Avlu (meaning: Courtyard) series.

Those who watch the Babil series will remember the character of Yalçın closely. Yalçın, who can do all kinds of evil to Süleyman, the worst man in the series, became a role that stuck in the minds of the audience.

Mert Doğan has now started to appear on the ATV screen in the new TV series Adı Sevgi (meaning: Named Love). Series critic Sina Koloğlu also drew attention to this character and thinks that the actor deserves the leading roles. The actor, whom we watch in the character of Volkan, draws an image that shows that he deserves the leading role with his educated and charismatic image.

Gizem Güneş and Yunus Emre Yıldırımer share the lead roles in the TV series Adı Sevgi, and their good harmonies are striking. However, pay attention to the character of Volkan in the series, Mert Doğan, progressing very successfully and after this project, maybe he can sign a debut that will receive offers for the lead role.

The character of Volkan in the TV series Adı Sevgi is prominent in the story. Volkan, whom his mother constantly praises and pampers, is a child who is not respected by his father. In the character of Volkan, who is mentally disabled, Mert Doğan shows a very successful debut.

In the character of Volkan Baykara, who makes Zeynep obsessed with him and acts irrationally, Mert Doğan is an actor who suits the leading role, but plays a side role.