Mert Fırat called out for women! Onur Tuna is masked even in the forest! Kadir Doğulu has plunged into the old!
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30 September 2022 17:43


Mert Fırat called out for women! Onur Tuna is masked even in the forest! Kadir Doğulu has plunged into the old!

The shares of famous names from their social media accounts are the accounts that their fans follow with interest. Let’s take a look at the latest posts by some of the famous names who have attracted attention with their TV series and movies. In first place is Onur Tuna, who starred in Fox’s The Miracle.

Tuna is one of the names that make a strong impression with her successful acting while growing her fan base with the Ferman character in the series. Onur Tuna is also a name that stands out with his musician identity.

The famous actor is at the forefront with his posts, sometimes without comments, and occasionally with deep messages. In his last post, it is seen that he went for a walk in the forest. It is seen that Danube has not let go of caution due to Covid 19, which has been frequently seen on sets recently and continues to wear a mask even in the forest.

Here is Onur Tuna’s latest post:

Like a forest in brotherhood

Kadir Doğulu, who has not been on the screens for a while, recently played in the TV series Beloved. Doğulu, who spent separate days because his wife Neslihan Atagül played in the TV series The Ambassador’s Daughter in Bodrum, is also followed with interest through social media posts.

Doğulu is currently carrying out different projects with the production company he founded, in addition to his acting. Kadir Doğulu shared the pose he gave with his tea in his hand during the filming of the movie, which was co-produced with Kazakhstan, on Thursday.

While relaxing on the set ..

Famous Actor Mert Fırat is among the names that attract attention not only with his acting but also with his support for social responsibility projects. He is also among the founders of Needs Map. Mert Fırat devotes his social media account mostly to social messages and campaigns.

This time, the actor divides the issue of violence-violence against women and gender equality, which has been talked about more recently and is being tried to raise awareness by many segments.

You can see Mert Fırat’s message from Instagram below…

But what do you have to add for equality against violence?

Güvenç Küçüktok – Izmir Field Manager
Hansın Doğan – Private Sector Program Manager
Kerem Şenol – Project Manager

To be continued? @undpturki

The fans of Sinan Tuzcu, who came to the screens with the series Lifeline, are waiting to see him in a series, but there is no voice from the actress yet. Sinan Tuzcu made the following post on Instagram about a radio show he was a guest of…

My dear @gurdalblkbs said to give a voice to @ zeynel1925, I spoke with pride and love and friendship from the fountain ? “If you don’t eat, we will spoil” ? @ zeynel1925 and of course with the indispensable contributions of @guclumete ✌️

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