Series News Meryem tv series finale did in Turkey, but began in Greece

Meryem tv series finale did in Turkey, but began in Greece


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Meryem tv series Make Final in Turkey was Opens in Greece

Meryem tv series array has completed the journey in Turkey. With the 30th episode, I think the series is over, the real adventure is starting now. journey which started in Turkey in the finals while connecting to Greece’s Mega Channel 3 off screen to the viewer with the Department. This is the voice of a European success.

The story of the Meryem series; There will be an accident in a rainy night, and this accident will change the lives of four people. One of the leading roles is that Savaş loses the woman he loves in this accident. The prosecutor, Oktay, who was able to sacrifice everything with an accidental greed. But the sacrificial Meryem who loves him will bear the crime. It looks like Savaş and Meryem’s fighting revolving eyes will be locked in the audience’s eyes.

Meryem is also a Korean adaptation
The Meryem series turns out to be a Korean adaptation. Secrets (Secret Love), Meryem’s adaptation of the series, has played in 13 episodes in Korea and has shown great interest in Korea. But I guess the Koreans did not have the mastery to find the critical points to keep them up so much that Secrets made the final with 13 chapters. However, Turkish screenwriters have been able to maintain this sequence more than twice as long.

Now that the series will follow the excitement of watching the Greeks have achieved success with the ratings as there is in Turkey.

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