Artists News Motherhood was hard for Seda Bakan

Motherhood was hard for Seda Bakan


Seda Bakan had born her daughter Leyla in August 2019. The 34-year-old actress explained how her quarantine days passed on her television show.

In this process, the actress explaining that they did the whole program according to their daughters, “I lay my baby with me in the evening. My sleep was turned upside down. Motherhood was incredibly hard. Great job. I was crying.”

The actress, who tells that she has been breastfeeding until today, who did not make any food supplements to her daughter, gained 25 kilos during her pregnancy. She, who was depressed because she could not lose weight immediately, did not hurry and gave priority to her daughter.

Explaining that there are critical days with the coronavirus epidemic, Seda Bakan also admitted that she was in a state of fear for economic reasons. The actress said, “For the mountain does not stand. We have many expenses. I’m afraid. I had a panic attack before.”

Seda Bakan has never been out of her home for 28 days. She also loves spending time in the kitchen. However, she is afraid of gaining weight.