Series News Name Zehra series published on Saturday, March 3, Part 2 trailer 1

Name Zehra series published on Saturday, March 3, Part 2 trailer 1


The first part of the Name Zehra series, starring Zeynep Çamcı, Hatice Aslan and Alican Yücesoy, appeared on Fox TV on Saturday, February 24th.

The first part of the name Zehra series was liked. The second part of the series will meet the audience on Saturday, March 3 at 8 pm.

Here is part 2, part 1:


The incredible story of the immigrant Turkish girl Zehra begins at the home of the poor and enthusiastic family in Berlin and continues in Istanbul, a rich family with secrets and a terrible crime.

The young Zehra, who has been abandoned to death on a highway because of the pollution of his family’s name, is a girl named Hande who has been missing for seven years as a result of the events behind him. Moreover, the missing girl’s mother was invited to Germany to the Turkish consulate and identified Zehra as her daughter! The mother, who is in joy for finding her daughter, takes Zehra and takes her to Istanbul.

Zehra goes to Istanbul without knowing that there will be more trouble. But there are actually thousands of questions. How could a mother not know her daughter? Did he really like Zehra to his daughter? What’s important to everything, what happened to the real Hande? What does this family hide?

As Zehra learns the secrets about her new family, her life will become more and more dangerous, and love will be rediscovered, as Zehra, who flees from her father and her eldest brother on the one hand and curious about her mother on the other.