All Series Turkish TV Serie – Wingless Birds

Turkish TV Serie – Wingless Birds


Details Original Title: Kanatsiz Kuslar English Title: Wingless Birds Also Known As: Genre: Drama, Romance Episodes: 3+ Broadcast Network: Atv Broadcast Period: June 15, 2017 – Production Company: Koliba Film Director: Kemal Uzun Screen Writer: Hakan Haksun

Synopsis Nefise (Deniz Bolisik) is a young mother who has 4 children. After her husband’s death, she becomes the head of the family and tries to do her best to raise her children. She works at a restaurant with difficulty but she cannot earn enough money to provide her children a proper life.

In this journey, her eldest daughter Zeynep (Melis Tuzunguc) becomes her biggest supporter. Zeynep understands her mother’s sacrifice and starts to work part-time to support her family financially.

One day, Nefise cannot leave her youngest daughter to the caretaker and takes her to the restaurant. At that day, she loses her job where she works without any social security coverage and she cannot get her latest salary. Nefise finds herself in a desperate situation and has nothing to do but to steal some food from the restaurant as an exchange for her unpaid salary. While running away from the restaurant with food, she comes across a wounded man Muzaffer (Fatih Al) and kindly helps him by calling an ambulance. Muzaffer is a successful middle-aged businessman who has a wealthy life. He is attacked by his opponents but eventually manages to survive thanks to Nefise’s help. When he wakes up at the hospital, he wants to find the beautiful woman who has helped her. But, he does not know anything about her: no name, no address.

Out of pure coincidence, Nefise and Muzaffer meet again in the near future. Nefise’s sister-in-law finds a job for Nefise and brings her to the house where she works. The house belongs to Muzaffer. Whenever Muzaffer sees Nefise, he is impressed by her purity and shyness. He offers a very different job for her: Nefise will be the face of his company.

Meanwhile, Muzaffer’s step brother Onur (Umit Ibrahim Kantarcilar) comes across with Zeynep at the company. Not only the life of Nefise but also the life of her daughter Zeynep changes dramatically.

In broken wings (kanatsiz kuslar – wingless birds) tv series story, you will explore the story of a middle-aged woman Nefise and her children? Will Nefise manage to provide a prosperous life for her children? What will Muzaffer do when he learns that Nefise has 4 children? Will Ahmet abandon Zeynep and let her find a true love? Will Onur and Zeynep overcome the obstacles on their way and eventually find the true love?

Characters Muzaffer: Powerful and authoritarian businessman. He belongs to a wealthy family. His life changes dramatically after Nefise’s arrival.

Onur: Muzaffer’s step brother. Successful, young and promising businessman. With his love towards Zeynep, he does anything to remove the barriers on their way like social, cultural and economic differences.

Nefise: A mother who can do anything for her children. She tries to do her best to keep her family together.

Zeynep: Nefise’s eldest daughter. She is young but at the same time mature and is willing to do her family’s well-being. She is impressed by Onur’s love towards her.

Azime: Nefise’s sister-in-law and servant at Muzaffer’s house. She is ambitious and sneaky and cannot refrain from doing anything that brings her money.

Broken Wings (Kanatsiz Kuslar – Wingless Birds) Cast Melis Tuzunguc as Zeynep Umit Ibrahim Kantarcilar as Onur Ahmet Varli as Ahmet Deniz Bolisik as Nefise Fatih Al as Muzaffer Servet Pandur as Azime (hala) Seda Turkmen as Tuba Evren Bingol as Fazil Gizem Gunes as Cemre Emir Ozden as Emre Mustafa Vural as Kaan Sinem Karel Gurtekin as Emel Eliz Nese Cagin as Aysun Deniz Sayar as Serife Cengiz Bektas as Cemil Nalan Olcayalp as Zeliha Oyku Naz Altay as Ceylan Hakan Ilcin as Resat Yusuf Baymaz as Suat Emre Melemez as Lutfu Kahraman Sivri as Rahmi Koksal Evren Bingol as Fazil Faik Ergin as Kemal Alper Kut as Talat Can Albayrak as Serkan Poyraz Bayramoglu as Mert Adel Melisa Akman as Asli Seher Terzi as Sengul Serhan Toksoy as Demir Ozlem Gezgin as Aylin Sera Ariman as Asya