Artists News Nature love of Kadir Doğulu

Nature love of Kadir Doğulu


Famous actor Kadir Doğulu, who has been in the Vuslat series on the TRT1 screen for 2 seasons, is now trying to spend the quarantine days with nature.

He, who occasionally shares his home at home with his wife Neslihan Atagül, once again showed his passion for nature. Kadir Doğulu entered the forest behind his hometown and shared the photo he took.

Stating that he has just noticed the beauty of the forest, Kadir Doğulu explained his happiness to his followers. The actor, who went on a trip with his dog in nature, was both curious and quite happy.

He said, “We entered our backyard a while ago, behind the forest where we live. It was like our backyards, which each of us overlooked, were not interested in, until we decided to look and see… In fact, how beautiful, it should be noticed and the front garden should be made.”