New character that starts the era of big change in the Sadakatsiz series
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1 October 2022 12:15


New character that starts the era of big change in the Sadakatsiz series

The Sadakatsiz series, which enchanted the audience last season, was broadcast on Kanal D with its first season, which lasted a total of 31 episodes. The new period of the series, which has a strong story and impressive cast, will also be very active.

The TV series team, who went on vacation at the beginning of June, will go to the set on Wednesday, September 1st. New names have also joined the series. Finally, it was revealed that Berkay Ateş was in the team of Sadakatsiz.

Berkay Ateş will give life to a new character named Aras. In the second season of the Sadakatsiz series, you will witness that the story will change a lot. In the series, which will start with a time jump, it is very curious what will happen after the accident of Asya and Derin.

Asya will make a big decision to change her life. The entry of the Asian character into the story will actually be reflected as a big change in the Sadakatsiz series. Berkay Ateş will be the key name of the series at this point.

Asya, who will leave Tekirdağ, will now establish a new life for herself in Istanbul. Asia will cross paths with Aras, whom she will meet while she is in the hospital. You will see Berkay Ateş as Cansu Dere’s partner in the new season.

Asya will give life to someone who works in the emergency room in a hospital. What will happen between Asya and Aras will determine the route of the Sadakatsiz series in the new season.

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