Series News New concept from Kalk Gidelim series

New concept from Kalk Gidelim series


Kalk Gidelim series team is preparing for a new concept. New episodes of Kalk Gidelim series, whose 105th episode was released on TRT1 last Saturday, will no longer be shot. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, it is anticipated when to return to the set in Muğla.

However, as a result of TRT’s corporate attack, the players will shoot from their homes with the Kalk Gidelim Eve project.

The producer of the series Eyüp Üstün explained the passwords of the new period one by one. Eyüp Üstün, who gave good news to Kalk Gidelim series fans, said that with his new version, Kalk Gidelim is on his way.

The name of the new series was determined as Kalk Gidelim Eve. Eyüp Üstün said, “In the shooting of our new series, we provide our players with technical materials and they make the majority of the shots from their own homes. A friend helps them in the scenes where some of our actors have difficulties with the shooting.”

Underlining that he was assisted by following the social distance rule emphasized by the Ministry of Health, Eyüp Üstün stated that an environment where all health measures were implemented was created.

Director Mustafa Şevki Doğan, who joined the series with the 100th episode, also connects remotely during the shootings and directs.

Eyüp Üstün, “Our difference is that the actor makes the shot, but our director directs the scene. We left the shot to the actor, not the management. I think this is the first system in the world”.

The new version of Kalk Gidelim Eve, which has been published on TRT1 for 3 seasons and has a large audience, is eagerly awaited.

Ufuk Özkan, Erkan Sever, Mehtap Bayri, Ayça Varlıer, Aslı Omağ, Hayrettin, Kerim Yağcı, Alper Saylık, Can Kıran, Sena Çakır, Ali Dinç, Dilara Gül Demiral and Bayazıt Gülercan are the names of the series.

With the first episode of Kalk Gidelim Eve, it starts on TRT1 screens on Friday, April 24 at 21.30.