Series News New introduction from Mehmed The Conqueror

New introduction from Mehmed The Conqueror


The first part of the series, to be published in Turkey on Kanal D television on Tuesday March 20th.

Their main roles are Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Gürkan Uygun and Çetin Tekindor.

Mehmet The 4th anniversary of The Conqueror line was released:

Section 1 summary:

In 1451, when he took the news of his father’s death and set out from Manisa to Edirne, Payitaht, Sultan Mehmed had a big dream: Conquer Constantinople, the pupil of the world.

However, it was difficult to overcome in front of big dream, big obstacle was standing. The city was besieged several times over the centuries, but neither the bulls were able to open a single breach on their strong walls, nor did the Golden Horn embark on the enemy ships of the Golden Horn. Moreover, Mehmed had to fight not only against the Byzantine Empire and the Christian world behind him, but against the biggest opposition vizier, Çandar Halil Pasha, in the state. But he did not recognize the obstacle, his military and strategic genius, the faith of being intelligent and wise, progressed beyond any obstacle. Two years after he ascended the throne, he surrounded the city, succeeding only 53 days after a siege, conquering Constantinople by achieving the notion of ‘impossible’.

He performed his greatest dream and printed his name. After that day, Sultan Mehmed Khan, who was known as Fatih, opened the gate of a new age with this victory and also laid the foundations of a great Cihan Empire that would rule the Cycladic for centuries