Wingless Birds
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27 March 2023 12:46


The character who scares the viewer in the series of Wingless Birds

Ahmet Varlı who plays Ahmet on the line scares the audience …

Young actress Ahmet Varlı gave life to Ahmet character, Zeynep was almost a fearful dream.

Ahmet, who turned his eyes to Zeynep because of his love and was ready to do everything, scared the audience too.

Zeynep wanted to force him, though he did not want to.

Zeynep loved Onur.

It was thought that Ahmet was dead, as the series continued in this vicious cycle.

However, Ahmet later returned to the lineup as Kartal and things got mixed up.

We will see together what will happen in the next sections that Ahmet will give up this love …

The scary look of Ahmet’s Wingless Birds’ line is also avoiding attention.

Ahmet’s attempt to rape Zeynep:

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