Artists News New offers to Nilay Deniz after Romance Next Door

New offers to Nilay Deniz after Romance Next Door

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Famous actress Nilay Deniz took the lead role in the Romance Next Door series, which was published on the latest Channel D screen. The series, which is an entertaining family comedy that started in the summer of 2020, has also completed its screen life with its 16th episode.

It turned out that Nilay Deniz, who exhibited a strong acting in the series, received repeated offers after this project. The actress, who received 7 offers in a row in a month, had to reject two series projects.

It is stated that Nilay Deniz, who has received movie offers in addition to TV series, is looking for different projects. Nilay Deniz, who has been reading 4 different scenarios recently, is expected to appear before her fans in 2021.

The actress’ 3-year marriage also ended in 2020. After being married to Erçin Karabulut for 3 years, the actress had recently divorced after their conflict.