Artists News The new star of the drama: Bahar Şahin

The new star of the drama: Bahar Şahin


That Life is Mine on Fox TV screen.

Bahar Şahin stepped into acting world with this series.

Thanks to the success of the series, she was able to announce her name.

Bahar Sahin, ‘Wealth’ was included in the name of the cadre.

Young talent of 20 years old will face camera with Yusuf Çim.

Filming of the directory began in Adana.

Growing in the country will grow the growing character of the Bahar Sahin, the dramatist will deeply impress the audience.

Bahar Şahin was born on May 4, 1997. Having received her theater education in her student years, Şahin participated in the theater club at the Altındağ Youth Center in Ankara.

Video: Bahar Şahin’s clip…