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24 May 2022 12:39


Now it’s time for a grandmaster to stand out in Yargı series!

The story of the series Yargı, which met with the audience on the Kanal D screen, is progressing very successfully and the prominent names are gradually diversifying… It was very remarkable that Onur Durmaz, in the character of Engin, has been prominent in the story for a while, as the secret lead role of the series.

The fact that the course of the series, for which Sema Ergenekon wrote the script, is very solid, is actually a result of the fact that the story is clear from the beginning to the end. Since Sema Ergenekon has written the script for the series Yargı, which is the product of 2 years of effort, an atmosphere of integrity is evident in the story in every way.

After the characters played by Pınar Deniz, Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Onur Durmaz and Mehmet Yılmaz Ak came to the fore, we can say that now Cezmi Baskin has drawn more attention in the series.

One of the writers of Milliyet, Sina Koloğlu drew attention to the character of Merdan, played by Cezmi Baskin. Sina Koloğlu used the following expressions in his review:

“The story of the series is ready. This is self-evident. It currently has 22 characters and new ones are being added. For example, the character of Merdan. Experienced actor Cezmi Baskın plays. Ilgaz’s grandfather is in prison for fraud. Merdan was the wolf of the years… The man of every realm… Now his story has begun.”

Another important feature of the series Yargı is that each character’s own stories are reflected effectively and these stories progress in a wholeness within themselves.

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