Nur Fettahoğlu gave clues about Aylin, who played in the TV series Kağıt Ev!
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2 December 2022 06:18


Nur Fettahoğlu gave clues about Aylin, who played in the TV series Kağıt Ev!

Nur Fettahoğlu, who came to the screens with the Babil (Babel) TV series, recently became a guest star in the series Hükümsüz, which was shot for Exxen. She returns to the screen this time with the Kağıt Ev (Paper House) series. O3 Media, produced by Saner Ayar and directed by Şenol Sönmez, will appear in the new series of Star this time with the character of Aylin.

Nur Fettahoğlu, who shares the lead role with Erdal Beşikçioğlu in the series, whose first episode will be broadcast tomorrow night (Monday, April 19), is again a strong female character before her fans.

Explaining her thoughts about Aylin, who will play in the series, the actress gave clues about her character. “Aylin is a strong lawyer who is hard-pressed and very successful in her field of expertise. She is building a world with the ramparts that she thinks are indestructible, with the logic of being able to overcome everything on my own, perhaps because she cannot trust anyone, ”says the actress, and also conveys that Aylin has some secrets.

Playing a woman with mysterious sides, Nur Fettahoğlu said, “One day her sterile, planned and controlled world, which she built by struggling with these secrets in her own life, collapses in a way she could never imagine. We meet her while her walls are collapsing one by one in a series of events she did not expect. ”She also points out that they will be experienced when the character suddenly leaves the sheltered environment she lived in.

Fettahoğlu explains that she is already excited about her role in the following chapters: “We will watch the story of a woman who tries to rebuild those walls in this dust and smoke while the destruction continues. I look forward to discovering what kind of emotions she will come to me, how her story will transform her. ”

Nur Fettahoğlu is also very happy to be in the lead role with Erdal Beşikçioğlu. “Erdal is a wonderful partner with surprises for Beşikçioğlu, who they previously played together in the movie Kurtlar Vadisi Palestine. I am happy that we have the opportunity to work again. It was a pleasant journey back then, but I have to admit that we have more fun at the Kağıt Ev” she says.

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