Trailer of Maraşlı made the audience surprised!
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1 December 2022 12:43


Trailer of Maraşlı made the audience surprised!

Burak Deniz and Alina Boz have become a great couple in the Maraşlı series, which is broadcast on ATV screens on Monday evenings. The impressiveness of the characters of Celal and Mahur also surrounded the audience. The duo climbed to the top of the list of best drama couples ever made on social media.

However, there is a problem at the point of the story in Maraşlı series recently. Fans of the series think the story is far from being as interesting as it used to be. It seems that a new perspective and very different excitements should be added to the series. It is not known what the screenwriters will do at this point, but there are striking images in the 14th episode 2 trailer.

The roles are changing… Maraşlı make an art interpretation. On the other hand, Mahur hunts enemies with her weapon in hand… No, you did not hear wrong, as if the characters were moved… Of course, this will not mean anything beyond being a dream. However, the screenwriters of the series must have wanted to increase the excitement in this way …

Maraşlı fans share comments stating that they were surprised when they watched the trailer. A viewer left a comment saying, “Even if I thought about this dream for 40 years, I wouldn’t have thought of such a trailer.” Many TV series fans also state that when they watch the trailer, their mouths remain open and they cannot believe what they see.

Fans of the drama state that they also consider this situation as mutual dreams of the characters. However, the trailer can be misleading. Let’s see what a surprise the screenwriters prepared.

The trailer, which reveals the idea of ​​the relocation of Maraşlı and Mahur, was obviously shared to increase the excitement … Because there is a loosening in the ratings of the series … Especially in the last two or three weeks, it is obvious that Maraşlı has not gone well …

New excitement is needed for the Maraşlı series, and let’s see if the real face of this scene in episode 14 is impressive enough to surprise the fans?

Here is the second trailer of the 14th episode of the Maraşlı series, which will be broadcast on Monday, April 19:

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