Nur Fettahoğlu surprised Demet Özdemir's dance partner!
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29 November 2022 09:48


Nur Fettahoğlu surprised Demet Özdemir’s dance partner!

Nur Fettahoğlu, who came to the screens with the Babel series on Star TV, is among the celebrities who use social media effectively. While the actress is engraved with the character of Peyker in the TV series Forbidden Love, she has been spending time with her daughter in her house for a while, with the final of the Babel series, which is spoken a lot with its staff but cannot give what it wants in the rating.

Nur Fettahoğlu, who starred in TV series such as Magnificent Century, Phi, Filinta, The Last Emperor, Bozkır, Sisterhood, is a name that makes a strong impression with her acting.

Fettahoğlu married businessperson Levend Veziroğlu in 2013. The actress’s daughter, Elisa Güzin, was born in 2016. The actress, who loves to have fun with her 4-year-old little daughter, shows this in her posts on social media.

Fettahoğlu, who spent time with her daughter when she was not working, recently revealed that she has a new occupation, with her Instagram post.

Nur Fettahoğlu published a video of her taking dance lessons with her daughter Elisa at home. The name he tagged on the video did not escape the attention of those who knew.

Nur Fettahoğlu is seen with dance instructor Onur Alp Sancaktar in her post with the note “Those who cannot dance with laughter”.

Sancaktar is also a name that Demet Özdemir danced to. Demet Özdemir, who has been devoted to dance since the age of 16, dances whenever she gets the chance to act, and also has dance videos on Youtube and Instagram with her friend Onur Alp Sancaktar.

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