A very strong opponent has arrived in the Redemption and Arıza!
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29 November 2022 10:16


A very strong opponent has arrived in the Redemption and Arıza!

Things got very complicated in the world of TV series. Atv took a smart step and took the series Hercai from Friday to Sunday. The new day of the series is expected to be announced with the trailer, which will be released shortly.

The Hercai series, which started its 3rd season badly on Friday evenings, but increased its story to 6 ratings in the following weeks, had a good breakthrough. ATV made a wise decision to shoot their TV series, which did not perform well on both AB and ABC1, from Friday evenings.

Hercai will now be broadcast on Sunday evenings. Its opponents will be Redemption and Arıza sequences. Although Call My Agency, broadcast on Star TV, also got good ratings, it is not that good in total. In addition, the TV Show of Tövbeler Olsun on the TRT1 screen is another production in the market competition.

According to journalist Birsen Altuntaş’s backstage information, Hercai’s day was changed. With the participation of the Hercai series in the market competition, a great competition will begin, especially for being the most watched series in the total category.

It left Arıza behind after the Redemption began. But this time last Sunday evening, Arıza surpassed its opponent in total. In AB and ABC1, Atonement is still the most watched series.

Let’s see what kind of result will the TV series Hercai get on Sunday evenings and what kind of changes will this cause for the rival series? We will watch and see and evaluate from our pages.

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