Forbidden Fruit became like a joke
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27 November 2022 15:59


Forbidden Fruit became like a joke

In the 85th episode of the Forbidden Fruit series, the character of Halit Argun was separated. Talat Bulut, who has given life to the character since the beginning of the series in the 4th season and received applause with his strong performance, was sent off with a pleasant farewell ceremony.

However, the screenwriters do not intend to give up the character of Halit. Even giving the image that Talat Bulut could return to the series was enough to direct the audience’s attention here. The 90th episode of the series, which aired last night, has increased compared to the previous week. In other words, the message “Halit is not dead” given with the trailers had a positive effect on the ratings.

Of course for now this is a script game. It is not known what will come out of gold, but there is no information that Talat Bulut is back in the series. So, Forbidden Fruit wants to keep excitement high in this way. The reason for this is that the new characters did not meet exactly what was expected.

Those who wanted the character of Halit to be removed from the series kept the social media in the rain for a long time. This happened in episode 85 and the character said goodbye to the series.

However, at the point reached, 5 episodes have passed since Halit’s departure, and even those who said ‘let it go’ before started to adopt an attitude that wanted Halit’s character to return.

It is not known if the character of Halit Argun returns in the Forbidden Fruit series, but it was seen that even this feeling had a positive effect on the audience and the ratings increased.

As a result of his research with Caner, Ender concludes that Halit is alive. Of course, what will happen clearly will be revealed in the 91st episode, which will be broadcast on Monday, December 28.

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