Talat Bulut bravely revealed his big problem, which took the Tuzak series to the finale!
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3 February 2023 16:07


Talat Bulut bravely revealed his big problem, which took the Tuzak series to the finale!

Famous actor Talat Bulut plays the leading role in the tv8 series Tuzak (Trap). The actor, who revealed his experiences on the screen with the character of Demir and drew an impressive image, also accepted the fact that there were problems in the script of the series.

While it was evaluated that the trap series did not receive enough attention, this was also proven by the ratings. It was claimed that there will be a final in the 13th episode for the Tuzak, which tv8 shifted to 22.30 on Wednesday evenings with a change of time after the low ratings.

Talat Bulut, in a sense, made a reference to the screenwriters by explaining the fact that the character changes in the script differ from the original plan. Stating that it is not easy for a actor to express such problems, Talat Bulut reveals the most important problem of the industry, and thinks that many people do not want to get involved in such problems due to insecurity.

Talat Bulut said, “You can imagine how they can evaluate you because such reactions or your struggle against negativity in Turkey is very open to trolling.”

Talat Bulut expressed these words as the reason why the actors who make a living in the sector do not talk about them much, although they see the mistakes in the script.

While Talat Bulut reveals the most serious problem in the TV series industry with his brave words, he also shows that no one can interfere with the fact that TV series like Tuzak face the early finale due to the problems in their stories.

Talat Bulut said: “This business must have legal rights. It is very difficult for us to make progress with such intangible things. There must be some laws that protect you. There should be some laws that protect both the actors, the set workers, the director and the scriptwriter. Seek your rights too. You can say, ‘I accepted this character, what did you bring back’. That’s how it develops in the West.”

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