Talat Bulut confessed, Look at the reasons why the Tuzak series did not work from this perspective!
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3 February 2023 13:05


Talat Bulut confessed, Look at the reasons why the Tuzak series did not work from this perspective!

Returning to the sets with the Tuzak (Trap) series broadcast on tv8, master actor Talat Bulut is again appreciated by his fans with his effective performance. Sharing the lead role with Akın Akınözü, Bensu Soral and Rıza Kocaoğlu in the Tuzak series, the actor reflects his experiences on the screen with the character of Demir in the series.

The Tuzak series is broadcast on tv8 on Wednesday evenings and although it revealed a strong story, it did not receive enough support from the audience.

Talat Bulut, who explained that the set works of the Tuzak series were good, pointed out the low ratings by saying, “But the result is unpleasant.”

Talat Bulut, who reflects on his body language that he is not very happy with this situation of the trap series, said, “Everything depends on the rating, for him those results are unpleasant and make us sad. It consumes our energy,” he said.

Talat Bulut, who also answered the question about the audience’s choice of series, shed light on why the story of the series did not catch on with the following words:

“It is necessary to create an area that can attract the attention of everyone. We need to distribute the story within that area. Maybe we don’t have it. Keep your performance as vigorous as you want, if there is a scenario that affects you, if there is a director that affects you, if there is a channel broadcast that affects you… We have not yet accepted the understanding and distribution of collectivism.”

From these words of Talat Bulut, a thought emerges that there are a number of problems, starting from the story setup of the Tuzak series, to the support provided by the broadcaster TV8.

Explaining that there are many factors affecting the actors, Talat Bulut stated that the development of the characters in the scenario is also important and that nothing goes as planned at first.

Digital projects, which are planned according to the actor and whose end is clear from the beginning, are more effective at this point.

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