Artists News Onur Durmaz left the Yargı series, but his test with Engin continues!

Onur Durmaz left the Yargı series, but his test with Engin continues!


Young actor Onur Durmaz, with his curly hair, was acting a character that almost no one noticed in the first episodes of the Yargı series. Engin, the lawyer friend of Ceylin, brought to life by Pınar Deniz, was such a faint type that he was a name that was left behind until the 5th episode.

He had gathered information by noting the secrets, experiences, problems and vulnerabilities of everyone who had been following Ceylin and everyone around him insidiously for years. Engin, who was going through hard times as the son of a despotic father like Yekta, had a violent past inside him, and had knitted many secrets with his traumatic personality.

No one understood that Engin was a self-righteous, calm-looking man, but extremely dangerous. Even Onur Durmaz said in an interview that he did not know that the character he acted would reach this point. But when it was revealed that Engin was the person who killed Ceylin and threw his in the trash can in the 5th episode, Onur Durmaz suddenly created a big agenda.

The faint character of the series became the key point of the story! Even Durmaz did not expect such a rapid rise in his acting life! However, he was suddenly recognized by a large audience with the series Yargı, which included 14 episodes. He impressed everyone with his successful acting!

After the 5th episode, we watched Engin change step by step. After he was arrested, he started to threaten the fact that he cut his hair, that his psychopathic personality was revealed, and that he revealed the files of many people, especially Ceylin and Ilgaz, and his parents.

No one expected him to leave as suddenly as he came, but in the 14th episode, while trying to kill Ceylin, he was killed by an unknown person. Although Onur Durmaz was included in the series from time to time with flashback scenes after this episode, he left the Yargı.

But the actor became a name that was followed with curiosity with this rapid exit. His fans are trying to be informed about his life as well as being on the agenda of social media. Onur Durmaz, who acted a role for a while from Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz, the leading roles in the series, also won the “Best Breakthrough Actor of the Year” award.

Onur Durmaz, who opened a whole new page in his career with his role in Kanal D’s popular TV series, said, “I don’t know what to say!” In fact, he expresses his amazement at the fast-paced fame with his words.

Expressing his happiness for the award that honored his, the actor tries to convey that he struggled a lot while getting to this point in his career, with the words “There were times when I worked incredibly, times when I was hungry”. Saying that he enjoys acting and that he will continue to do so, Durmaz reveals that he has a long way to go with his statement “I can’t say I’ve come to a place yet”.

In the meantime, although he left the series, the actor, who seems to be constantly dealing with questions about the Yargı on the street, constantly asked him “Are you dead? and who is the killer?” He explained that he was asked questions like that and that he tried very hard not to give tips. In addition, trying not to give too much information about the character in the series, the actor said that he still follows the series even though he left, and he is waiting for what will happen with curiosity.