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6 July 2022 04:01


Pelin Karahan is ready for the new series!

Pelin Karahan, who has been away from the sets for more than 3 years, makes her fans happy by appearing with new projects one after the other. The actress went on the set for the movie named Dalgalar ve İzler. Filming that lasted for 4 weeks was completed.

In addition to her movie, Pelin Karahan will soon go to Cyprus and meet with her new teammates on the set of her new series. The actress, who is both excited and energetic, also shows that she misses working very much. The actress, who surprised the team with her energy during the shooting of the movie, looks forward to the work of the new series.

Pelin Karahan, who will take the lead role with Ahmet Kural and Serkan Çayoğlu in the Cyprus Island Winter (Kıbrıs Ada Kışı) series, will bring different emotions to the audience in the story that will bring the details of the life and death struggle of the Turkish Cypriot people between 1964-1974.

The actress, who announced on her Instagram account that the filming of the movie named Dalgalar ve İzler was completed, also drew attention to the child actor Damla Alibeşe, who accompanied her in the project, and gave a nice message.

The message that the actress shared after the 4-week shoot was as follows: “We came to the end of the road… We finished the 4-week shooting of our Dalgalar ve İzler movie yesterday, the little one in this picture is Damla Alibeşe… She is a small but big angel, we laughed a lot with her, we cried a lot, we were very cold, we hugged each other. … Sometimes we were afraid, sometimes we fought, sometimes we were desperate… We always tried, we did not suffer again… We did the best! We really looked like mother and daughter.

This movie is a woman’s effort to hold on to life with her daughter … I saw Suna, I lived … There are thousands of women like Suna in our country! Being violent by her husband, family, fellow countrymen, strangers on the street and who cannot speak out and hold her hands… Even if most people ignore them, they will always exist… They will fight relentlessly… Fortunately, I was a part of this movie, fortunately I knew Suna… ”

Pelin Karahan, who thanked the teammates she worked with one by one, expressed her great pleasure to go to the set. The actress thanked all her companions and made her fans very curious before her new movie.

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