Artists News Pınar Deniz made a comeback with the idea that ‘you can’t spend a lot of money on clothes’!

Pınar Deniz made a comeback with the idea that ‘you can’t spend a lot of money on clothes’!


Pınar Deniz, who has become one of the most talked about names of the last period as the leading female actress in the series Yargı (Judgment), continues to reap the fruits of this. As the face of a clothing brand, the actress once again drew attention to herself by taking different steps in her business life.

The actress, who has attracted a much wider audience thanks to the great popularity she has achieved with the Yargı series, continues on her way by making new deals by taking advantage of the opportunities this gives. Explaining that she is in a very busy work tempo, Pınar Deniz said that she was also very satisfied with the advertisement shoots made in the historical places of Istanbul.

Explaining that she is very excited and proud, Pınar Deniz said that she is an extra selective person and that she can take part in the advertisements of companies she can defend. Pınar Deniz expressed that she likes masculine and cool clothing style.

The actress states that she prefers not to follow the developments in fashion, but to preserve her classic style. Pınar Deniz said, “I guess I’m not that changing fashion person, but I like a little more classic pieces. Modernizing Immortals makes more of an impression on me. I am not a changing fashion person,” she explained.

Pınar Deniz made a comeback with the idea that 'you can't spend a lot of money on clothes'! 7

Explaining that she thought that she should not invest a lot of money on clothes before, but now this situation has changed, the actress admitted that she now has an obsession with quality fabrics. “Now I spend money, but not in terms of consumerism, I buy fewer pieces and pay better prices,” the actress said.

Stating that it is very nice for her to be remembered for her work, Pınar Deniz thinks that she has always aimed to exist with her work and has achieved this at the point she has reached.

Explaining that she was very selective when she was offered a role and did not accept every project, Pınar Deniz explained that she was able to provide motivation by working.