Series News Quality is flowing from the Mezarlık series! How right Birce Akalay was with her decision!

Quality is flowing from the Mezarlık series! How right Birce Akalay was with her decision!

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The Mezarlık (Cemetery) series, broadcast on Netflix, consists of 4 episodes and the expectation for a second season has increased. There is no clear situation for the second season yet, but everyone thinks that such a quality production should continue.

Last month, Birce Akalay said that she did not accept new project proposals and that she was waiting for developments for the second season of the TV series Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight) and Mezarlık (Cemetery). Both series were broadcast in June and it was clearly seen how the actress made the right decision.

Both Kuş Uçuşu and Mezarlık stand out as high quality TV series and Birce Akalay gave priority to these projects for the second seasons.

With the release of Mezarlık, the audience found a much higher quality production than they expected. Femicide is also very meaningful in that it is a series that focuses on violence against women.

Birce Akalay, who played the police character named Önem Özülkü in the series Mezarlık, once again gave a magnificent performance. There are also various scenes in the series, whose emotional transitions are so intense that the audience has to turn their eyes from the screen.

At the point of the realism of the series, a reality is presented where the images of decomposed corpses are displayed on the screen and many viewers have to look away from the screen at these moments.

What makes the cemetery series so successful seems to be the emphasis on details and realism.

The comments made on social media also show that the audience liked the series very much. The cemetery was found to be striking, impressive and realistic in terms of violence against women.

A viewer’s comment sums it up:

“It was a job that showed the truth about violence against women on the screen with all its courage. It has become one of Turkey’s rare quality TV series. Thanks for this awareness. Birce Akalay, you are a magnificent detail.”

You can see this and many similar comments on social media platforms. The fact that the Mezarlık series has made a very successful debut, and thousands of shares of the audience, and the fact that it has not been on the agenda of social media for a week, gives an important idea.