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5 July 2022 12:20


Quarantine days overwhelmed Bahar Şahin

Bahar Şahin plays the character of Ceren in the TV series Ruthless City, which was broadcast on Kanal D. It is not known whether she was awarded with this role, but many of her fans struggled to receive awards from the canceled Golden Butterfly.

Bahar Şahin has been away from the sets for 2 months. The last 4 episodes of Ruthless City series are left. The shooting of the last episodes of the series is considered to be certain. The reason for this is overseas sales … But it is not yet clear when the Ruthless City team will meet and start working again.

Bahar Şahin has been under quarantine in her home for more than 2 months and has been overwhelmed. The actress, who started painting at home, wrote on social media that she was not very good.

Bahar Şahin, “Is this quarantine not over?” shared the question on social media. The fans of the actress replied, “We are done, it is not.”

Bahar Şahin has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. The young actress managed to increase her popularity, especially with the TV series Ruthless City.

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