Sad Scenes of Melek: A Mother's Struggle
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26 September 2022 10:44


Sad Scenes of Melek: A Mother’s Struggle

35 episodes of Melek: A Mother’s Struggle series are left behind. Last season, the audience was watching a heavy drama story with the tears of Nehir Erdoğan, who gave life to the character of Melek. In the second season, Halil, played by Kutsi with the Melek character, now displays smiling images.

In the second season, it was Mehmet Çevik’s turn to cry… In the last episode, Seyit Ali’s character learned that his daughter Melek had cancer and fell on his knees and experienced the shock of his life. The words he spoke to her when she died in front of his eyes now stuck in her heart.

Mehmet Çevik is portraying the character of Seyit Ali Karadağ so successfully that his tears will make the audience cry in new episodes. The 36th episode of Melek: A Mother’s Struggle will be aired on Wednesday, October 21st. The first images were also shared.

Seyit Ali’s character’s tears, regret, anger and severe depression made the trailer very impressive. The audience also commented that they were very sorry for this situation and that they were embracing their hearts.

Seyit Ali, who did not leave his daughter Melek in the first season of the series, this time punished himself for the words and actions he said to him in the second season. Seyit Ali, whose tears are flooding, will now be the new crying character of the series in new episodes.

Well done to Mehmet Çevik, he gives performances that break the hearts of the audience.

Here is Melek: A Mother’s Struggle 36th episode trailer:

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