New character in the North Star
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27 September 2022 07:49


New character in the North Star

The North Star series, which was meeting with the audience on Saturday evenings, had very good ratings last season. However, it is among the productions that decline in the new season. There is a remarkable detail in the last parts of the production, which is still in a strong state in total.

It is a series of North Stars that are full of entertaining scenes, the fights never end but take life to a bit of a tense… However, it is also observed that he started to connect a little psychopath with the last participant Bulut character. Bulut, an obsessive personality, endeared himself to Yıldız.

Bulut will hurt herself in the 36th episode and then tell Yıldız that someone attacked him. These movements of Bulut tell us that we are dealing with a psychopathic character. Yildiz, who is threatened with her loved ones, will take shelter in the Kuzey.

While the expedition kills his father with the pot, Kuzey will challenge his love’s schoolmate. Although, the increase of these violent scenes in the series, which meets the audience with an entertaining narrative, draws attention.

The shooting of Sefer, which reunites the Kuzey and Yıldız, brings hearts to mouth. Here is the second trailer from the 36th episode of the North Star series:

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